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German Association for Construction Materials and Components for Ventilated Rainscreens (FVHF)

The German Association for Construction Materials and Components for Ventilated Rainscreens (FVHF) is a body representing the interests of the manufacturers of claddings, support structures, thermal insulation materials as well as anchoring, joining and fixing elements for ventilated rainscreens (VHF) with a registered office in Berlin.

The association aims to promote the structurally and architecturally challenging implementation and design of facades of new buildings and renovations, taking account of all ecological aspects.

One of the main tasks of the FVHF is to provide information on the benefits and characteristics of ventilated rainscreens to affect public opinion as well as the opinion of planners, associations and decision makers by means of a proactive information policy.

The FVHF supports a uniform approval system for the construction of ventilated rainscreens and the standardisation of this construction method and its components. In order to promote the technical and economic progress of facade construction, the association supports applied research and draws up recommendations as well as standards. Moreover, the FVHF also participates in the development and introduction of national and international regulations.

Sophisticated and approved by building authorities

Undercut attachments for façade panels in ventilated rainscreens are nowadays stateof-the-art. The Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt; German institute for building technique) drew up an approval concept for this purpose. Please find our current overview of relevant documents on planning permissions under approvals.

General building approvals
General building approvals will be granted for construction products and techniques within the scope of state regulation for which there are no generally acknowledged technical regulations, especially DIN norms, or which differ from them in a significant way. They are reliable verifications of applicability of construction products resp. of types of construction in regard to constructional requirements of buildings.

European Technical Assessments
European Technical Assessments (ETA) will be issued for construction products in the scope of the EU Construction Products Regulation. They evaluate the performance of a construction product.


The association FWI represents the interests of approx. 160 German tool manufacturers. It offers its members with production in Germany the possibility of using the registered mark „Made in Germany – Deutsches Werkzeug“.

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