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KEIL service

1 Pull-out tests

How efficient are the materials of KEIL's products? Which KEIL anchors are the best for a particular building project? We offer our customers pull-out tests on our premises. The resulting data will provide an orientation for applications for approval.

2 Support for approvals

KEIL will be pleased to advise you on obtaining approval from building supervision authorities or European Technical valuations with the KEIL undercut techniqe.

Approvals for a variation of materials and formats with and without substructure are availabe.


3 Recommendations on handling and implementation / training

We are pleased to offer you a presentation of the advantages, the handling and the drilling technique of the undercut system.

If you have any questions concerning the planning of your individual façade fixing, please contact our service team.

4 Drilling

If required, we are pleased to offer you drilling capacities at our factory. These can be matched with your requirements and are also sufficiently available for large projects.

5 Rental service

KEIL as well as a variety of national and international distributors offer different drilling machines for drilling undercut holes. Please make use of this possibility to temporarily expand your available machinery or to have the optimum machine for a special object at your disposal without locking any capital.