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Data / Facts

D PRCD 230V - 50Hz
- PRCD (on request) 115V - 50-60Hz

Roller conveyor drilling table KRT


  • Drilling table with multidirectional roller conveyor 1,500 mm x 600 mm incl. portable undercut drilling machine KSDV
  • Stainless steel
  • With pneumatic panel fixing (manual control)
  • 2 stop rails
  • 4 swivelling stops
  • Service unit
  • Max. edge distance of drill hole in y = 150 mm
  • Wooden crate


  • For drilling and undercutting.

Possible usage

  • With KEIL diamond tipped façade drill bits.

Instructions for use

    • Rotational speed approx. 10,000 rpm.
    • Usage of the cooling lubricant 532 500 035 will prolong the life time of the diamond tipped façade drill bit significantly and protect the parts covered in cooling water from corrosion.