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Quality and safety

  • Highest safety owing to a wide range of patents and approvals, e.g. European Technical Approvals (ETA) for the attachment of façade panels.
  • Highest quality MADE IN GERMANY using material A4.
  • Complete system, approved by building inspectorate, sophisticated, highly tried and trusted.
  • Non-combustible, mechanical and permanently safe attachment guarantees highest retention force without stress on the façade panel.
  • Higher pull-out load for the same panel thickness than with conventional systems, which support the edges of the panel.


  • Highest assembly safety for the façade company due to a self-controlling system: The KEIL undercut anchor can only be mounted into a correctly drilled hole.
  • Short lead time due to an easily established and clearly defined drilling and assembly process.
  • The possibility of a high level of prefabrication allows for an assembly independent of place and time
  • Approved and uncomplicated fixing of reveal panels.
  • Precise drilling technique (façade drill rotates at 10.000 rpm. in a deflected condition) guarantees a drill hole of a consistent geometry.



  • All required thermal resistances in new buildings and modernisation can be implemented, guaranteeing a pronounced energy efficiency.
  • Due to the constructional separation of insulation and weatherproofing all used materials can be separated and recycled, should the construction be dismantled later on.
  • Thin façade panels from a thickness of 6 mm onwards – economic and resource-friendly.
  • Assembly of anchor and bracket in one process on the building site
  • Economical transport of the drilled panels without protruding fixing elements.

Advantages of the system

  • Bigger façade panels of the same thickness can be attached with undercut anchors than with fixing devices according to DIN 18516-3.
  • Breaking loads are up to seven times higher than with attachments on the edge of the panel (e.g. pin anchors).
  • Minimisation of bending stress in the façade panel in comparison to attachments on the edge of the panel.
  • Stress is not reduced to the edges of the panel, as common with pin attachment.

Design and aesthetics

  • The façade shows a clean, uninterrupted image without visible fixing points.
  • More than 50 different panel materials are available, e.g. ceramics, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, synthetic materials/HPL, fibre cement, glass fibre reinforced concrete, glass ceramics, artificial stone, UHPC, polymer concrete, solid surface materials or glass.
  • Combinations and alternations of different materials, shapes and colours are possible and assist in implementing planned effects.
  • Technical equipment can be integrated behind the façade, e.g. lighting, sun protection, supply cables, gutters, lightning protection, security systems.
  • Your property will increase in value in regard to acceptance and marketing.

Sophisticated and approved by building authorities

Undercut attachments for façade panels in ventilated rainscreens are nowadays state-of-the-art. The Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt; German institute for building technique) drew up an approval concept for this purpose.


General building approvals

General building approvals will be granted for construction products and techniques within the scope of state regulation for which there are no generally acknowledged technical regulations, especially DIN norms, or which differ from them in a significant way. They are reliable verifications of applicability of construction products resp. of types of construction in regard to constructional requirements of buildings.

European Technical Assessments

European Technical Assessments (ETA) will be issued for construction products in the scope of the EU Construction Products Regulation. They evaluate the performance of a construction product.